Quality of translations

High-quality translation services in Moldova and abroad

Our ultimate goal is to offer quality services to all categories of our clients: corporate bodies, non-profit organizations, individuals.

Our work is guided by the following principles, that enable us to offer high-quality translation services:

1) Professional translators

Our company only works with experts – professional translators, interpreters and revisers. Some of them specialize in particular fields of translation or interpreting, having degrees in such fields as economics, banking and finance, law, engineering etc., a fact that represents one of our advantages in respect to specialized translations. Of course, our translators and interpreters follow a path of life-long learning and professional development, continuously increasing their professional know-how. We are proud of the rich international experience of our team. Most of our experts studied or worked abroad, completed exchange or internship programs in a foreign country, participated to conferences and industry-related events at the international level, worked for well-known international organizations.These and other factors combined make our team stand out and deliver best results. 

2) Innovative technologies 

Innovation is one of our core values and not just a promise. Our company uses translation memories and a project management software to facilitate the working process. Translation memories or TMs facilitate the creation of terminological databases (a fact of particular importance in specialized translations), help to avoid terminological inconsistency and speed up the translation process. This insures the use of the same terminology not only in a current project, but also throughout all subsequent translations. The project management system helps in optimizing the working process. 

3) Transparent pricing policy

Our rates are available on the website and your project will be quoted according to them. The price for a translation is calculated based on the source text for written translation, per hour for interpretation and per minute for subtitling and voice-over services. In cases where projects present a higher degree of complexity we reserve our right to modify the rates, but you will be informed about this. At any point you may ask details about the calculation of the price offer for your project. 

4) Other professionals

Our human resources represent a particular reason to take pride in. Besides professional translators and interpreters, our team includes revisers and experienced project managers, who make sure that the high quality of your translations remains a priority at every stage of work.

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